How to Become Physically Strong During Lockdown

Fitness was the most used word in this Pandemic period. Everyone is going crazy about being how to become strong physically to fight against the Novel Coronavirus and improve their Immunity. 

Let us see what exactly Fitness is !!!

Fitness is nothing but keeping our body active very frequently by doing some little activities like Walking, Jogging, and even Running. These activities will help improve our body posture and release muscle soreness and the flow of blood will improve. 

Many of the youngsters are actively doing some kind of fitness activities these days and it’s a very good sign for the future. 

Now, we have seen what Fitness is

Let us, deep-dive, into, how exercise plays a pivotal role in our lives. Every morning after waking up and finishing our routine one can start doing physical activities. Every individual person has specific goals to improve their physical growth. One person wants to improve their strength and others want to improve their core and others want to just keep their body active with mild workouts. To fulfill all these goals there is only one primary thing, that is doing workouts and that will eventually improve our fitness levels.

Not Every person is born with a great physique and to improve their physique they need to invest a lot of time and energy and that will lead to great results. Being fit not only improves our health and it also gives us a lot of confidence and you can easily fit into any kind of clothes that you wish.

The Journey To Being FIT: There are certain things that keep us active.


Eating healthy food and at the right time does half of the job. Proper food that contains all Nutrients and Vitamins will help to improve our overall health. Foods that contain high Fiber and Protein will also play a major role in our daily intake of food. 

Foods like Eggs, Milk, Chicken, and Meat will help our body to intake all forms of Nutrients that will absorb and improves our physique.

For Veg lovers, foods like Paneer, Mushroom, All kinds of Spinach, broccoli, vegetables, and fruits make wonders for you.

PS: I will cover more Nutrition details in upcoming posts.


Nowadays most people won’t follow proper sleep habits may be due to Working lifestyle. Proper sleeping helps relaxes our body cells and our brain will get enough time for rest and our digestive system will improve. 

Always sleep on your left side so that the digestion system works well. Sleep plays a major role in our lives, always sleep in a dark room with lights off. So that you won’t get disturbed and you will get adequate rest the whole night.


Doing Workouts daily for at least 30 minutes will help to improve our physical strength. 

Always start with very basics exercises like stretching and some cardio like jumping and skipping. That will help to take your breath properly and helps to focus on things gradually. 

Workouts can be done in two forms. Weight gain and Weight loss workouts. Two are different and vary in doing exercises. 

Weight Gain Workouts:

For weight gain always prefer pre-workout meals like overnight soaked black Chana which is very high in carbohydrates. It has nearly 21.6 gm and peanuts which has nearly 20 gm and half banana will do the job better. 

Stick to the basics and gradually increase the intensity of the workouts. Doing workouts regularly will keep our body active and we can also focus on the things and also helps in many ways. I know we can’t go to the Gym these days due to lockdown and everyone wants to do workouts at home. During home workouts, we don’t have much equipment to work out and for those people, all we need to have is a pair of Dumbbells

This will help in building muscles by doing 3 to 5 reps in 2 to 3 sets daily. Before doing workouts one needs to do a warm-up to releases the contrast muscles so that the blood flow increases and cells will be activated.  Eating healthy food with a lot of green veggies and fresh fruits absorbs our body and helps in building our muscles. 

What to eat post workouts?

Actually, there are many available options !!

Have an oats meal with banana pudding, it tastes very good.

You can have sprouts and the best option is a homemade protein milkshake.

My personal opinion is that don’t get into the trap of protein shakes. This is a very big industry that plays with people’s health. I always wonder why do we need to use protein shakes, before the existence of protein shakes, there are many people who build their bodies with the traditional way of eating habits and I don’t think only taking protein shakes will do wonders in our body. It’s just business tactics. Always stick to traditional eating habits and stay away from products that won’t make work for you.

Weight Loss Workouts: 

While coming to weight loss methods, always focus on diet, and have to do a lot of fat loss workouts like Thread meal and cycling. These exercises will help reduce the fat and decreases the water levels in the body. 

While doing weight loss workouts some people will face some health issues and you have to overcome those problems. During workouts, you have to focus on reducing the fat and increasing muscles so that it will balances the body. 

Finally, whatever the goal is, keep moving your body. One day you will reach your desired goal. Investing in good health always pay back to you in innumerable ways. 

So, jump into your tee’s and track pants and start sweating it out. 

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